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UpdatedTuesday February 11, 2020 byBlue Water Springs Park.

Blue Water Springs Park is a 40-acre wooded area with dense undergrowth that was developed into one of Alabama’s most popular recreation parks. Located twelve miles northwest of Huntsville, the park was originally owned and operated by Grady Whitt and Toney Hughey with a swimming pool and a quarter mile long fishing lake stocked with bream and bass. The water supply for the lake and pool was supplied by the natural Blue Water Springs. In 1962, the park was transferred/sold to the Central YMCA under the leadership of Earnest C. (Buttermilk) Johnson. In 1996, it was bought by the Madison County Commission and leased to the Board of Blue Water Springs Park and Recreation, which was led by David McNeill. For over fifty-three years now, the auspices of Blue Water Springs Park and Recreation Board have served the youth of the Madison Cross Roads, Toney, Harvest, and Hazel Green communities.

 Blue Water Springs Park and Recreation Inc, is a complete volunteer, non-profit corporation that is run by several Board members who each serve a short term. The sports Programs and facilities are managed and run by a committee of management that is comprised of coaches and family members that are dedicated and committed to the well being of the park and the teams.
The park offers the youth participants baseball, softball, and basketball programs annually.